[CLOSED] Scripter for a Pirate Fantasy mmorpg

Most core scripting is complete you will be scripting things such as animations,combat,ai,mobs, etc.

About us
We are a small Development who enjoy making fantasy based type of games mainly revolved around medieval,mmorpg,or magical based. Lead by Mxstified (me) Builderman’s Bloxy award winner with lots of experience developing and Kurokaza co owner of an og game Cube Of The Gods.

About the game
Derelict Seas is a pirate fantasy game similar to Sea of thieves, pirates of the caribbean, and Arcane Adventures. The Derelict Seas takes place in the islands of the Caribbean, during the 17th century. The Caribbean sea and its islands are ripe with British navy, EITC, Privateers, Pirates, and mysterious creatures.


Revenue % which is 25%+ and negotiable. Only looking for a long term scripter who will be motivated and determined for this game as much as the team.

Roblox : Mxstified- https://www.roblox.com/users/38097850/profile
Discord : Jovahn#8911
Any questions or concerns can be discussed in dms or simply shoot me a message or to see current work.

Game Progress


Great progress! I too making a game similar to yours.

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