[CLOSED] Scripter for a Realistic Medieval Open World Game

I am looking for an experienced scripter(s) who is willing to join my development team.

About the Game

The game is a medieval RPG open world. Grinding and combat is the main goal of this game. Players can hunt, collect resources, trade with other players, and do other various tasks to earn money. This money can be used to upgrade your character, buy supplies, and trade with other players. You can create your own unofficial factions to fight with other people, or join an official faction which is like a military group within this game. Below are some pictures of day 3 in the total game development. As of right now, I (n_hq) am the only person working on the game. I have created all of the buildings, armor, weapons, terrain and decorations in the pictures.

The Team

Builder: n_hq
Primary Scripter: Temporarily closed
Secondary Scripter: Closed
Modeller: n_hq
Terrain designer: n_hq
Animator: Closed
Gui Designer: Open
Graphics Designer: Open

About the job

(there is more stuff to be scripted other than in the list below, but this list contains some of the major projects for this game.)

A list of things that need to be made:

Combat system (swords and bows)
Equipping armor and weapons
Money system and purchasing items
Mining and crafting
Player trading system
Hunting animals
Unofficial player factions


Pay will be decided by how much you do, and how many people are needed for the scripting team.

Main scripter: 35k robux and 30% - 40% of all revenue once the game is released. You must be the one who is doing 75% of the scripting for this game, including the combat system and grinding system (such as mining, hunting, etc). If you are capable of scripting the whole game, you will make 50% of all game revenue.

Secondary Scripter(s): 5k robux and 2% - 20% of all revenue after the game is released. You must do the smaller jobs such as delagging the game, bug fixing, anti exploit, safezones, etc.

Before Contacting

Before you contact me, please make sure you have read everything and fully understand what you are required to do this job. You must have previous work that you can provide to showcase your skill. If you have any inquires about pay, you may message me and we can negotiate it in dms.


n_hq#0505 on Discord.

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