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Hello! :grinning: It would be a pleasure to offer my services as a Scripter. I joined ROBLOX about 2 years ago and after a short time I started using Roblox Studio, my specialties are Scripting and UI Design.


Character Editor:

Team Selector:

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Global Leaderboard

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UI Design

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About UI Designs I make them 100% in Roblox, I do not use external programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

:star: I am able to do:

  • Minigames
  • Systems
  • Global Leaderboards
  • PlayerLists
  • Button Effects
  • GUI Design / Programming (correctly positioned).
  • Intros
  • Team Selectors
  • Shops
  • Character Editors
  • Health bar/ XP bar
  • Twitter Code GUI

:star:Availability :muscle:

For now I am only accepting specific small jobs, I am available almost every day, my work is clean and perfect.

:star:Payment :money_with_wings:

Prices are negotiable, I accept payment by the hour or by asset. I accept payments through Paypal.

:star:Contact :telephone_receiver:

You can contact me by sending me a message here or also by Discord xmaanzach#7617

I forgot to say that I am a perfectionist? that means that my work will not be “anything”. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



This guy is a very hard worker and makes good products. Highly recommend.


Would you be able to add features to a already working gun system, here’s a list.
Blasters will have (all customizable)
• Overheat
• Semi/Auto setting
• Limited ammo
• Custom “particles” that I’ve made, they will be activated when the blaster hits the environment or a person. However when they hit a person a additional smoke particles will appear.
• Energy bolt trial (“bullet” trail)
• Equip, unequip, overheat, and fire animations paste spots (Including sounds)
• disintegrate option
• aiming (will move blaster to centre view)
• Scope option Will work like aiming but with a fov modifier and a scope image.
Also will this fit with my 50 cad budget? My discord is Omni#4786


Good morning, I am not an expert in weapons or weapons system in general, so I prefer not to do that because of my lack of knowledge about weapons, sorry :frowning:

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Hi, I wanted to say that I am available for more jobs, thanks :slight_smile:

Added, Reals#0001 (30 chars))))