[CLOSED] Scripter for In-game Leaderboard + Colored Text

About Us

Hello, my name is Christina! I’ve owned my group, PO$ITIONS, for nearly 3 years and have been a designer on this platform for just as long. We are a larger clothing group that provides quality clothing that appeals to everyone.

Our Group

You can find the link to our group here:

About The Job

We are currently looking for a leaderboard within our game that can display the player’s rank, custom ranks above certain people’s heads (EX: admins, co-owner, and owner), as well as special colored text for those in the above example.


We are currently only paying through group-funds, with over 140K available. I’d assume this task isn’t as difficult as some other scripting jobs, so payment is fully up to you.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at:
OWNER’S Discord: christina#0420
CO-OWNERS Discord: $$#0069

Please reach out to the owner’s Discord before adding the co-owner, only use them if you cannot contact me!

Thank you so much for reading! :slight_smile:



(chartterrrsssssssssssss). We are already friend!

You’re wanting colored overheads for people that have administrative ranks/roles or certain people that you pick out? Does this also pay in percentage or do you have a set price with your current funds?

Prefer to have a set price considering it’s a homestore and not a game that makes revenue. It’s just for a few people like [OWNER] [CO-OWNER] and some of my friends.

Ah, just colored overheads for the higher ranks and stuff. I’ll DM you on discord in a second.

Okie dokie, thank u so much! christina#0420

Interested! Contact me JESES90#1910

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