(CLOSED) Scripter for simple warfare game

I am seeking a scripter to script basic programs.

  • Loading Screen
  • Night-Day Script
  • Game Round Script
  • Capture-the-Flag Script
  • Script that allows player to spawn in a uniform, helmet, and modeled vest that I have created.
  • Script that prevents players from zooming out

NO advanced scripts or DataStore is needed.

Payment: 3,000R$-6,000R$ based on talent.

Please message me on discord for inquiries.



2,000 is pretty cheap, I’d make prices negotiable if I were you.

Are you kidding me? For what he’s asking, that’s a ton!

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I said 2,000 is cheap. 3,000 to 5,000 would be better, in my opinion.

Of course it would be better, but not needed.

I mean, it’s debatable. This is just my preference.

Well considering the amount of work that he needs its a lot of robux.

Read above, but I guess so. Again, this is just my preference.

I think the payment is good enough, considering what he needs done, which would take a good scripter an hour at most.

Yes, I agree with you (30 charrrrs)

Considering the fact that someone already has these scripts just lying around, and they probably just need to tweak them, I believe my prices are generous.

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Hello, i want to be the scripter (i can make a lot of things)

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Alright. This isn’t the thing for me, but good luck!

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