[CLOSED] Scripter for upcoming game!

About Us

Hello, im the owner of Vetra Developments and creator of Treasure Simulator and Space Legends with both games having 3M+ Visits combined within the 2 months. I have experience in Project Management, Game Design, and especially Programming. Me and @ToadBoiGaming are excited to release an upcoming game which possibly you can be apart of!

The Team
@LinxyDotLua - Manager / Investor
@ToadBoiGaming - Manager / Investor
You - Scripter / Programmer

About The Job

We are looking for a single programmer who was experienced with game development on the roblox platform. You will be given tasks to complete with all assets and management handled for you (All you do is programming). All you will be doing is completing tasks, and if you even need help of any sort while you are completing tasks you can always consult me for help as I also am a scripter!


  • Very good organization
  • Can write clean & reliable code
  • Portfolio of past work
  • Very Strong understand of Lua and the Roblox API
  • Camera Manipulation
  • Good Work Ethic (We understand things happen so if something goes wrong it isnt the biggest deal | Life > A Roblox Game)
  • Has to be fluent in english
  • Must be in voice calls (dont have to talk but would be cool if you can)

Preferred (not required but nice to have)

  • Sense of Humor (We like someone to laugh with :smile: )
  • OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
  • Flexibility
  • Being Creative
  • Can speak in voice calls
  • Age 16+ (Its fine if your 13+)


Equity: 30%
Payment Upon Completion (Negotiable): $250 USD or :robux_light: 71,428

Contact Us

Discord: Linx#7757 (Requires mutal friends to add), ToadBoiGaming#7470
Twitter: @Dev_Linxy, @ToadBoiGaming1

We will be reviewing ALL applications dont hesitate to apply!

You must be 13+ to apply, 16+ preferred.


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