(Closed) Scripter Needed For Simulator Game (40%)

Hello, everyone!

General Info

Mega Studios is looking for a professional scripter to join our team as our lead scripter. We expect high-quality scripts that aren’t glitchy or don’t break. Good communication skills are appreciated; we check team progress daily and want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another. We need someone that will take this job seriously and wants to work. My goal is to finish this game by the end of the month.

Game Progress

If you want to check the game out please follow the link. 💣🏆 Wreck It Simulator 🏆💣 - Roblox


  • Script all uis
  • Script breaking/destroying the concept
  • Script all tool upgrades (to make tools do more damage/have more health ext.)
  • Script trading system
  • Script pet system (we use drones)
  • Script all game passes
  • Script data storage system (already done)
  • Script player tags
  • Script moderator panel
  • Script anti-exploit system
  • Script island teleporters


I am trying to find someone to help co-own this game so I am offering 40% of all game revenue. If the game is unsuccessful I will pay you an amount that we discuss and feel is fair for your work in the range of 25-50k Robux or I can offer USD if needed.

Contact Us

You can contact via Discord at ChrisRodman#8423

You must be 13+ years or older to apply.

All the best,

Lead Developer

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Hello. Please DM on Discord. (Bayshore#0066)

Hi please consider me as an option

I don’t have much public work but i can show you some private unfinished projects i have worked on in past

I have been scripting for over a year and would consider myself advanced

Discord: Jacent Joe#9999

Hey Chris, I have experience and can help you out with a lot of those.
DM me on Discord - Jumbopushpop112#4800.
Those things you are asking I am able to do.
I have scripted pets and stuff able to do that.
Portfolio game here:

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