[CLOSED] Scripter - Reltikz

About Me

Hello Everyone! I am offering my services as a Roblox Lua Scripter. I specialize in Creating core gameplay scripts and UI Scripting. I have been developing for over two years on Roblox.


Solo game:

Obby Robloxia - Roblox


I am available every day for up to 2 hours per day.


Prices are negotiable, I prefer % pay, but I will also accept pay per asser.


You can contact me from

Developer Forum
Discord at: ReltikzDev#7521
Twitter: @reltikz

Thanks for reading! :grinning: :

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Greetings, I suggest adding more work to your portfolio. The obby you have made is a classic obby, no special scripts, auto respawn etc. If you want more chances of getting chosen by someone, update your game and portfolio.

Have an amazing day.

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Thank you for your suggestion, I am currently working on multiple projects to add to my portfolio to increase my chances of getting chosen by someone.

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