[Closed] Scripter/Builder for hire

About Me

Hi there developers or roblox players, I am a developer focusing on the roleplay community. I focus on Cartoony style. This means I don’t do realistic games but more simplistic smooth plastic style. Not many people like this style but, I’m here for people who do and want that style build.

As you can see, this is NOT realistic but it is basic and simple. I don’t recommend to get many customers because this work takes a lot of time to make. I mainly focus on the roleplay community because my simplistic style in common in roleplay games. I’m looking to also with simulator games (as a builder).



I am also a scripter. :slight_smile: I can create cafe/hotel/roleplay games (such as family paradise cartoon style). I am not the best scripter out there, however I can script things for roleplay games pretty nice since I have been working with their community for almost over a year. And I have to say, it is a very good experience (I recommend it). If there are any roleplay communities looking for a scripter (not the best quality, but my quality is okay…) then, I suggest you message me.

Building Prices!

Small map - 300 - 500 robux.

Medium map - 800 - 1k robux.

Large map - 2k - 5k robux. (Depends on quality)

Script Packs:

5 scripts- 300 - 500 robux

10 scripts - 1k - 2k robux.

Unlimited scripts - 5k robux.

Message me on the dev-forum to contact me.:slightly_smiling_face:


Here is some of my work: Showcase - Roblox

Hey, isn’t that image from the Roblox Chat core scripts?


Pretty sure it is. And judging by the fact he hasn’t provided any other work, I think this is a scam.

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I was about to hire him too! Thanks for pointing this out, you probably just saved me!

The script was just for display, I am a scripter.

script was for display, I am a scripter though

Why is it there?
That’s false advertising, you could have at least included something you made.

Okay, didn’t know but I’ll change it now.