[Closed] Seal's Portfolio, Professional Builder

Hello there, my name is Seal! I’ve been an active Roblox user for around 7 years. Over a course of 5 years, I’ve familiarized myself with a variety of programs such as Roblox Studio, PDN, Blender and others. My abilities extend from building and clothing design to graphic design and modeling.

I have done extensive work with credible people, and built a clothing group of my own. All linked below


Large Hotel

Large Hyperloop Station

Medium Low Poly Planes

Small Rocket

Modeling Assets

Clothing Design


General Design

| Saturday | Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday |

I’m mainly available from Saturday through Sunday a few hours per day, and occasionally on weekdays. My schedule is flexible, but that can change from time to time (Contacting me would help you understand what times I could best fit in the schedule). My development times also vary on complexity and scale, with small builds/models usually taking one day to complete and medium sized builds/models taking one to three days to complete. As for designing clothing, it would be around one day for each item.

Payment comes first. If you’re going to contemplate paying afterwards, I will not do the job. Payment can be negotiable, but it must be within a reasonable price range. Price range listed below

I Accept

  • Robux - Group Funds
  • USD


  • Small Builds | 300 - 5,000 R$
  • Medium Builds | 5,000 - 10,000 R$
  • Large Builds | 10,000 - 50,000 R$


  • Small Assets | 100 - 500 R$
  • Medium Scale Assets | 500 - 2,500 R$
  • Large Builds | I don’t do large scale models

Clothing Design

  • Simple | 50 - 200 R$
  • Semi Detailed | 200 - 600 R$
  • Very Complex | 600 - 1200 R$

contact me through the options below. I might take a day or two to respond. My time zone is Pacific Time (PT), however if you do get in contact with me, I will be on for most of the day!

  • DevForums
  • Discord tyulen#0421


The bold font makes you sound desperate


It’s also very distracting and annoying.

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did you forgot to add picture?

im sorry i fixed it, I was making this at 2 am and sleep deprived

Sorry if I sounded to rude. I didn’t mean it. :confused:

They’re called placeholders. The pictures are added once the OP has some, right now it’s only a structure of an upcoming portfolio. Also the reason it says “WIP” at the top.

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Oh, alright then thanks for explain

I’ve updated the build portion, the others are still a wip

That hyperloop station is pure eye candy. :heart_eyes:


Thank you very much! I really appreciate feedback on my builds!

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