CLOSED Searching for a Equipable Backpack Scripter

Hi. We need a equipable backpack scripter who can do 1 script for us. The Equipable backpack
need to be equipable on R15 and R6
100 Robux for the whole script !!!
You can contact me in Discord at: Official_DevFrancais#6655
-----------------------------------------------CLOTHE DESIGNER JOB-----------------------------------------
Hi. We need 1 clothing piece. Blue and White. (we will give you more information on discord)
The payment is 40 robux for 1 clothing piece. Contact me at: Official_DevFrancais#6655 on disc.
NOTE: This is 1 time job for both oportunities !!!
You need to be 13+ Years Old !
See ya on disc :wink:

40 robux for 1 clothing piece is just beyond low, Your post also doesn’t give any context / explanation of what an equipable backpack is, is it a custom one? should it do certain things different from the default one?, And I doubt a scripter would give the time for 100 robux job to do this. Please explain more on the things you need.


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