[CLOSED] Searching for a scripting mentor!

Greetings, my friend and I are looking for an advanced scripting mentor as we are looking forward to learn advanced game developing (We know the basics of Roblox Lua).

We are willing to negiotate the amount of Robux we would pay.

Contact my friend if you are interested: Isaid
#4670 :wink:

You can leave your Discord in the comments too if you prefer. :call_me_hand:


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Where can this question be asked? Public recruitment?

Yes. Public recruitment is the right category for this topic.

@Scripted_X, I recommend moving it.

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I don’t believe you can move your own topic.

You can. Clicking β€˜edit’ will allow you to change the category.

Thanks, already moved it to Public recruitment category.

How would you want the learning to work?

We would like lessons 2 times a week with the help of a Discord group, so we can communicate with each other easly. We could even work with the team create feature.

I might be able to help.
What sort of lessons?