[Closed] Seeking a 3D Modeler for a Racecar

The Job

I’m seeking to get a singular racecar done. UV Mapping of the model is not required. The car in question is a Rocket XR1 Dirt Late Model. I can provide plenty of reference photos as well as a quasi blueprint. The model should be mid poly. I can show some examples of other models I’ve had done in the past to guage the quality level I’m looking for. I’d like to have this done prior to May 13th.


I will be paying either in 17,500 R$ from a group or $50 USD via PayPal or similar means.

Contact Us

Contact me via DevForum PMs or on Discord, TheGeorge#2090.


Interested. Will the car need to be textured?

I’ve sent you a friend request! I’ve made an example low-poly model already, although it’s probably not the best. :sweat_smile:

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Someone contacted me and was the right fit for the job. Thanks to everyone though who expressed interest! :slight_smile:

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