[Closed] Seeking Map Creator: 10-20K per Map



Job Opportunity:

My name is ScottyMcPiper and I’m currently recruiting a builder(s) to develop some battlegrounds for an upcoming game of mine.

Here is the current development team:

Myself - Programming
@Vect0rius - Modeling

Here is the task:

Make semi-realistic maps, this will require some part based terrain, thought the maps will be primarily flat. Regarding map decor, buildings consisting of moderate exterior detail will need to be made, as well as other structures. Attached are two possible map ideas. You do not need to make an exact replica, only based upon the example. (Beacons not necessary)

Payment: 10-20K per map, this is dependent on size, pay will not be dependent upon quality, as that will be determined in your application process.

Deadline: None as of yet, preferably within 1-2 months.

Extra info: The first mech is already completed and base framework for mech movement (attached). I feel this project will be very successful, I’ve had multiple successful projects in the past. If you wish to know more information, reply to the thread or DM me.
Discord: ScottyMcPiper#6981


This position has re-opened, I will be accepting applications until Friday.


The position has been closed. Thank you for everyone who has showed interest.


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