[CLOSED] SMALL PROJECT! Hiring builder and or scripter


About Me

Hi! I am Kermo. I am 14 years old and my timezone is EEST (GMT+3).

About The Job

I am looking for a builder to create a cart ride game for me. If you can also script that would be quite cool. The game will be a pretty standard cart ride game, however will have some features that require scripting and whatever. You can also use free models as long as they work well and match what I am looking for to be made. I’ll give more details on the project if you contact me.

Rough examples of what I am looking for to be made:

[UPDATED]Cart Ride Into Garfield - Roblox
Cart Ride Into Rdite! - Roblox


The maximum I am willing to pay is 15k robux. My preferred method of payment is group funds but I am willing to pay however as long as the currency is robux.

Contact Me

The best way to get in contact with me would be through discord but you can also shoot me a message on the Devforum.
My discord is kermo#3731

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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