[CLOSED] Smooth Terrain Developer (15% Revenue)


Welcome all interested developers, thank you for seeking this opportunity. I would like to start off by saying this is isn’t a job that we will try and drill hours and time in so you can complete the task fast. We are in no rush to push this game out and have plenty of time. With that being said, please work efficiently. You will have time to play games, chat with users, etc so don’t be in a hurry to complete this work.

About the Game

Inbound is a WW2 themed battle royale that brings 100 players into an island map to fight for the last. The game plans to have a variety of loot that will help you progress and for pre-alpha we have chosen 5 guns to be finished 3 of which have been completed. Our programmer @jaschutte is working well and has already finished the gun framework so we are making decent progress. We have 2 modelers, one who is working on vehicles and me who is doing everything else modeling and building wise although if you have building experience as well and would like to help, you are welcome to (which will also increase your pay).

(We have optimized some models further so some of these images may not be up to date)

Job Description

Your job is to work on the large 4096x4096 stud island map that will hold all of the players. Again, we are lenient on work time so don’t feel like you have to devote all of your time to this project. The map will need to have a sand layer and then slowly build up to form land above water so that it looks realistic and works well. We plan to make this completely smooth terrain without any parts and you don’t need to worry about vegetation at all. I will be doing vegetation and place buildings. We would like to see work before we hire you. I have also created images on a baseplate to follow for the design of the map.


Your payment will be 15% of the games profits forever and we plan to push out many advertisements to make sure we get good publicity so we get a good start. We have many ways of monetizing our game so as we don’t want to guarantee lots of money, it may very well involve lots.

The Team

SturdyStubs - @SturdyStubs / SturdyStubs#1985 - Modeler, Builder, UI Designer, Project Lead
Jaschutte - @Jaschutte / ᴊᴀꜱᴄʜᴜᴛᴛᴇ#4226 - Programmer
CleverSource - @CleverSource / CleverSource#1337 - Security Programmer, Second Project Lead
4sys - @4sys - Ty_ler#3650 - Vehicle Modeler

SturdyStubs#1985 would be the preferred contact but replying to this post or messaging me on Roblox also works.



Forgive me for asking, 4096^2 chunks or studs?

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