[CLOSED] Snowflake Hotels is looking for a new Coder!

What is Snowflake Hotels?

Snowflake Hotels & Resorts is a group on the ROBLOX platform. Snowflake offers unique experiences for everyone and promises to be one of the best communities out there. This hotel prides itself on the numerous activities you can do within its hotel! Our facilities present everything necessary to ensure you have a unique and wonderful adventure at Snowflake Hotels!

We are a group with 13k+ group members. We are a professional and fast-growing hotel averaging around 10-40 players daily (when we run ads). These numbers are expected to grow over time!

What do we need?
We are currently looking for a fast and reliable scripter. Snowflake is wanting an experienced coder to program our new version 2. We will need weekly updates to keep the game fresh and active. So you must be active! We are also looking for someone who has decent UI design skills in addition to their scripting skills.

All though GUI is being provided!

Some things that will be expected to be script:

  • Working Vehicles that are easy to handle and well made. These vehicles may be cars, jet skis, and maybe boats.
  • Scripted foods and machines for the restaurant.
  • Create a datastore system that stores all data in the game.
  • Create a completely interactive game with points, in-game currency, shops, โ€œPress E to Interactโ€ interfaces, level up system, and EXP system.
  • Fully interactive pets. We have a pet shop that will need to be scripted.
  • Gym and spa equipment will need to be fully scripted so they are interactable.
  • NPC customers to keep low ranks busy at the receptionist counter.
  • Room customization. Changing wall colors, lights and maybe furniture placement system.

These are just some of the things you will be expected to script.

We are hoping to make a hotel that will change the hotel industry forever.

Contact Info/Payment

If you are interested, please contact Corporate Director or me, Bat on discord! There, they will be answering any questions you might have, give additional information, and discuss payment options whether it be a percentage or job-to-job payment. Information regarding that will not be posted on this forum due to obvious reasons.

Discord tags:

If you have any concerns let me know in the replies and please DM!


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