[CLOSED] Socks - ROBLOX Animator

Currently redoing portfolio.

ABOUT :pushpin:

Hello! I’m Socks, a 15 year old developer who creates R6 and R15 animations. I have been animating since early 2020 and have enjoyed it since the beginning. Hopefully I can be of service if you decide to hire me.

I cannot make/am inexperienced with:

  • Viewmodel animations
  • Mesh deformation
  • Long fighting animations
    I most likely can do anything else.

EXAMPLES :open_file_folder:

Here are some videos that show my skill level.

Making new animations to properly show my level. Please be patient.

AVAILABILITY :clock1030:

I am available for most of the day, some more than others. I do have school, which keeps me from responding as quick as possible. I strive to respond during the first hour or two. My timezone is Pacific Standard Time, or PST.

PRICING :robux_light:

My prices vary with each commission and are based completely on complexity and length. Due to ROBLOX implementing the new group fund system, my methods have changed.

  • Commissions that takes <7 days can be paid through gamepass (including tax).

  • Commissions that take 7+ days can be paid through group funds.

  • We can discuss payment after I am finished with the animations to negotiate a proper price.

  • I accept 100% payment after I finish.

CONTACT :telephone_receiver:

You can contact me here on the devforum, or on Discord at socks#5761. Thank you for reaching out to me!


in my opinion i think this is great :grinning:

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Thank you! I’m working on adding more content to show my skills.

Good animator , good prices , friendly guy.
10/10 would recommend.

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Wow, that’s some awesome work. Are you still taking commissions? I added you on discord. My user is InsaneRapper007#4012 . Please reply to me at the earliest

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Thank you! I am currently open. I have already replied to you!

These look amazing, you deserve more positive attention! I could see you animating for some front page games quite possibly in the future!

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Amazing animations! They’re so smooth and nice.
I can tell you don’t rush them and take ur time. :smile:

Also, happy birthday! :cake: :birthday:

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Added some examples using custom models and closed my commissions. Thank you to all who commissioned me!

Honestly one of the best animators I’ve ever hired. I would highly recommend hiring him, his prices are well worth it, he is very talented, able to alter animations if needed, is able to make both R6 & R15 animations, and finally is a very nice person. If you’re looking for an animator, I’d strongly recommend hiring him, he’s definitely one of the best!

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