[CLOSED] Spanish Localization Services

About Me

Hello! I’m Fab_TheRat and I would like to help localize your game! I know English and Spanish (Of course I have to know Spanish lol) And I know I’ll make your game enjoyable for Spanish speakers.

Why translate your game to Spanish

Spanish is number two of the most used languages in the world! There are many Spanish speakers that play Roblox too! Now, most games on Roblox are limited to English on Roblox, but I want to make games more enjoyable for people that speak Spanish.


It Depends on how much text you have on your game, but I can work for 2-3hrs a day.


Prices are negotiable, though I’d prefer :robux_gold:50 per string.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum.

Thanks for reading, if you hire me you won’t regret it! :grin:

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