[CLOSED] Special Containment Procedure Foundation



Hello, and good afternoon/morning! This is The Administrator speaking on behalf of Klysto’s SCPF. I’m currently hiring a builder, and scripter. You will be required to build a main site with decent detailing.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional builder and scripter to join our group and help us make a brand new, unique, and dazzling site. You will be building an Armed Research and Containment Facility made to contain objects that pose a threat to humanity. Most of the SCPs will be very dangerous or Keter Class and Euclid Class. For the builders applying you will need to be able to create high poly hallways, sectors, containment zones, and SCPs. Scripters you will be required to make the doors, SCPs, and other things work perfectly. I want this game to be different and better than most SCPFs.

The Team
Builder - OPEN
Scripter - OPEN

Example of what we are looking for

You will be required to work at least 2-3 hours on weekdays (unless you are on inactivity) and about 4-5 hours on weekends. This is all negotiable.


We are paying R$/USD per asset. Our preferred payment method is Robux. Each SCP you create will be worth around 200-500 Robux, there will be around 30-50 of these SCPs. For each sector made and scripted you will be paid 500-2000 depending on what kind of sector. Like, if it is a simple sector with a cafeteria in it you will be paid about 500-600 robux, while if it is a [REDACTED] sector you will be paid about 2000 Robux. Prices are negotiable.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at Klysto#0801
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thank you for your consideration and remember, Secure. Contain. Protect.


What would a person be paid in usd for each asset?

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I can help you and your Discord tag did not work I was probably just doing something wrong XD but can you contact me? Wizzardofazz#8707

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I prefer robux, but it would be about 5 USD for each SCP.

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Is this for a main site or a roleplay site? Also, those payments are very low.

alright not bad deal contact me: fungamer153#3798

Just clarify I’m seeing things correctly, 500 robux or 5 USD. It’s 3.50 USD per 1000 robux. You should be offering an equivalent. Closer to 1500 per asset. (models). Where most high quality models are usually about 30+ USD.

Also paying a scripter for 7 dollars per outstanding sector done seems a little low. It takes time to program these things. Minimum wage in Canada is 14 dollars an hour… Food for thought.

Hey, a fellow Canadian? I must be dreaming. Also I agree. This is somewhat underpaying workers.

@MetatableIndex’s question is very important and I think you should specify an answer.

Normally the roleplay site contains less-detailed and not as good SCP’s, whereas the main site always has the best foundation SCP’s and is really well scripted.


When they use your game as a reference.

I feel honored.

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Sent you a friend request on your discord.
I am " Wearing The Inside Out "#7726

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Main site, and the payment is negotiable.

Your game is truly an inspiration to most SCP fans. Especially to me as I worked in many departments on yours. Thanks for inspiring me to make this.

I said the prices are negotiable.

Very true, I apologize for not clarifying this. And prices are negotiable.

Also, I should have given a link to Area-27 as it is a main site for CreepySins however you will not have access to the entire site like Area-47. So, please feel free to check his main site out for better reference.

This looks very interesting, might contact

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We are still looking for one Scripter!

Happy cake day! Hope you have a great day.

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It’s his cake day, AKA when he joined devforum.