(CLOSED) Spenc7r | Cheap GFX Designer

:wave: | About Me
Hey there! My name is Spencer, I’m a intermediate game developer an beginner UI Designer from Arizona.

:white_check_mark: | Agreements

  • Please be respectful when contacting me for any purpose.
  • I only accept Robux, any other payment will be rejected.
  • When paying I will accept being paid from group funds or you can buy one of my gamepasses as an alternative to shirts.
  • If you don’t reply to a message after 2 days, your order will be cancelled.

:alarm_clock: | Timings
I am available all week, my least active times are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

:clipboard: | Showcase

:robux_light: | Pricing and Bundles

Full Avatar Render = 80 Robux
Profile picture = 240 Robux
Game Icon = 480 Robux
Thumbnail = 620 Robux
Other (Ad, Gamepass, Badge or Banner) = 120 Robux

YouTuber Bundle = 400 Robux
Includes 1 Profile Picture, 1 Banner, 1 Full Avatar Render

Game Bundle = 5,000 Robux
Includes 1 Game Icon, 2 Thumbnails, 3 Others (Ad, Gamepass or Badge)

Delivery time will be less than 2 days (Most likely under 1 day depending on my activity)

:eyes: | Contacting

You can contact me through Discord or DevForum messages. (I prefer to be contacted through Discord)

Discord = spencer#1337

I have sent you a friend request on discord, I have a cool offer you might like.

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