[CLOSED] Sponge Hotels Need Builders!

Please keep the following in mind before posting:

Hello All Builders! Sponge Hotels is now hiring Builders to help us Develop the Hotel!

About Us
Sponge Hotels is a Roblox group with 30+ members and is looking for Builders! Previously we have had some Developers who have just messed up the Hotel! Were an interesting Group that is very active on Roblox!

About The Job
Builders must have atleast 6 months of experience to be able to work with us! You must have a knowledge of building and good with working with other Developers. If you want to work with us we recommend you are quite active as we will need you a lot! You can get involved in updates.

Any type of Hotel is fine with us.

Our game hopes to finish Developerment withing now and the next 7 weeks! We will need as much help as we can towards the Grand Opening.

We will be paying 25% of game revenue if we get big. If we don’t get big I will provide the money myself to pay.

Contact Us
Contact me on Discord BenJ#1300.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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