[CLOSED] SynDesigns - Professional Scripting

Hello, I am Syn and I am a Ui designer and scripter! I’m able to do part-term and full-term development for groups on Roblox. I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my portfolio and what I have to provide! I am currently 16 and have been actively scripting on Roblox for about 5 years now (since 2016). I specialize in scripting as well as Ui Design (Within Studio). I have just recently begun doing commissions/projects this year, and I can say that it has truly been a journey, as I have grown so much that I was actually able to talk to the guy who started my career Stratiz. (Thanks Buddy)

  • Lead Dev & Board Member for an SCP & Development Studio known as Chaos Insurgency
  • Former Developer for Iron Cafe as a Scripter

I am mainly always online every day and can work 3-8 hours per day. I would let you know straight away if I get busy but always plan ahead before accepting a commission or project opportunity.

My payment is negotiable.
I ONLY accept USD via Venmo.

I will try my best to optimize your game to the best performance reducing laggy scripts that can cause disruption to gameplay.

You can contact me here on the Discord: Syn#1000 or via Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSynDesigns

My Policy

  • You must pay for my services before I give you access to any of my work.
  • I would like some kind of credit, whether in the main menu or the description of your game.
  • If I am hired please take do not rush me with your scripts or Ui design.
  • DO NOT message me if you do not consider the option to pay for scripting or UI design, I do NOT work for free and If you aren’t willing to pay, don’t bother contacting me.