[Closed] Team 7 Games is hiring an advanced guns and knives modeler

Hello Team 7 Games is hiring an advanced modeler for a FPS Game.


About us
We are an upcoming game studio that will produce 7 games.
We are looking for an advanced modeler to join us.
Our first and current game in development is named Ambush.
Ambush is a First Person Shooter game that will release into Alpha on February 1st, 2021.
Playing this game in its alpha stages will cost 25 Robux and reward you with an Alpha Skin.
We have investors and partnerships with famous people such as

Tamara_X (Co-founder of Wild West)
TruthBehindTheLies (A Roblox Youtuber with over 100k Subscribers)
BigManWet (A Roblox Streamer with over Twitch 1.5k Followers)
We are also planning to get more!

About the Job
We are hiring an advanced modeler to model 25 weapons.

(More details in discord)
Long term modelers are preferred.

10k robux
5% of profits
No upfront payments, only when all tasks are completed.

Contact Us
You MUST be 15 years or older to apply for this position
Contact us on discord

Start with
-Telling him your Roblox name
-Showing your portfolio
-The role you’re applying for
Act professional

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