[CLOSED] Terrain Designer for Hire

About Me

Hello there! My name is Hamada, most people refer to me as Ham! I am offering my services for a limited time as a terrain designer. I have been a terrain designer on Roblox for around a year and a half.


You can view one of my games in-person here:

Here are some screenshots of my work if you don't want to join the game.


I am available to work from Wednesday-Sunday. You can contact me any time, but I am unable to work during most of the weekdays due to school.


In order for no one to have their time wasted and to ensure that both parties are committed to the project, I will require a 25% upfront security fee. This shows me that the client has faith in the project and is able to pay the full amount upon completion. Prices are as follows-

Small Maps: 900
Medium Sized Maps: 2.3K
Large Maps: 5K

I’m willing to negotiate pricing.
Please note that I am a terrain designer and as such, I don’t do builds anymore.

Extra Information

  1. Please keep this in mind if you consider hiring me. I am a perfectionist and as such, I need to take my time. Please do not message me every minute or hour and ask about the progress of the map.
  2. I will give an estimated completion day depending on my schedule. Once given the estimated date I will try to provide screenshots of the terrain as I make it for input and edits on the client’s part.
  3. Please be as detailed as possible. I will ask for you to make a sketch as to how you want the terrain to look like. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy! Just a quick sketch with your preferred locations for mountains, rivers, beaches, etc.


Discord: ham#2752
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thehamada25

Thank you for taking the time to look through my portfolio, and I hope to hear from you soon! :sparkles:

Added you in Discord, check your friend requests (. . . .#8647). Interested in hiring you.

Added you in Discord
My username is Tinapay lalaki#2728