(CLOSED) Terrain Portfolio


Hi there! I am are offering my services as a Terrain Designer. I have been doing Terrain for 2 years on Roblox. I specialize in the creation of realistic terrain as I found myself doing commissions in that category.



Hidden Island

Grand Canyon

Columbian-Venezuelan Bridge Border

Commission 1

Commission 2

Moverton Reborn

Battle of Bunker Hill


I am available most days of the week but more active during weekends. I will let you know if I will have to take a hiatus due to important days.


Payment can be taken in USD. I do not take percentages of games or limiteds. I will only realistically accept Robux if it’s in large amounts.


(Can be negotiable if it’s fair)
Small Maps - 15-30 USD
Medium Maps - 30-65 USD
Large Maps - 85-150 USD
(I am looking for short term commissions that can be done in a reasonable amount of time)


The nature assets I use are from the toolbox, if you have nature assets you want me to use in your maps I will use those.


Email: adonismfdev@gmail.com
Discord: AdonisMF#5388

Look forward to working with you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey this doesn’t seem to work, maybe its on my side but I would be interested in talking with you regarding a future commission
If you could add me at;

My discord friend request issue was on my side, sorry.

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Surely you must have a price range? Any idea on how much the first one or the woodlands would cost?

Those maps aren’t for sale, add me and I can recreate one as close as possible for you.