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About The Job

Hi, I am looking for a UI designer to make me a proper UI for my RPG game.

it must look like rainbow six siege, No need for background.
It must be original tho, it’s just some kind of base of how it should look like.
There should be 3 windows; Shop, Loadout and Home (where you can play)


I am paying 60$ USD Trough Paypal. ( Can be pulled up/disccused)

Contact Us

Post on this post (“I applied”)! And send me your discord tag, and add me!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I applied, contact: Quionew#3567


I applied. C_robix#0121 Please contact me if you are intrested

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I applied! I’m adding you at HendricoMaximus#3696! I can do all you want!

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Hey! I applied, my discord is: Raze#9999.

Portfolio: [OPEN!] UI/UX/ Designer For Hire! | Raze


I applied!
Discord: IggyDev#5265

Is it just the main screen with the 3 windows you’ll want?

I applied

Hi guys, it’s still open, contact me!

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Contacting you now! I have a team willing to do this!!

I appplied- Captain K#8256
:slight_smile: looking forward to this