(CLOSED, Thanks all who applied!)

About Us

Hi all! I am one of the head developers at 2J Studios and we are working on a game titled “Hospital Havoc!” It is a hospital/townscape game where you start your days as a lowly chef heating up delicious instant meals for patients!

Current Team
@J3kb - Scripter, Designer
@AreYaBuildingSon - Designer, Modeler, Artist

About The Job

We are looking for a builder with a simplistic or minimal building style to join our development team for this specific game. Currently, we need a complete redesign on a medium/large-sized map which include a hospital exterior, gas station, grocery store, apartment complex, hospital kitchen, small security room, patient rooms, and a hospital lobby.

We do not have a specific launch date in mind, but we would love to have it rolled out by late 2021. We are very flexible with hours and due dates for building.


We are paying in Robux and USD, preferably USD w/ PayPal.
We are also willing to work within the builder’s rates or come to an agreement on hourly or pay per build.

Contact Us

You can contact one of via Discord:
You MUST be 13+ to apply. However, we do prefer 16+.

Thanks to all who read! Please feel free to message us any questions or concerns.


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