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Hi there, I’m Boogle, I’m a fairly advanced scripter, and have decided to start working on a semi-realistic first person shooter. I began work on this project four days ago, and have made some decent progress so far.

Here are some videos showing off the weapons so far.

These were all coded by me

The Job

I’m looking for someone who can make decent looking weapons, and/or decent maps. I’m honestly not sure about main gameplay ideas for this, so I’m all ears.


Unfortunately I don’t have much money currently, and will have to pay percentage. I’m thinking I’ll split the percentage evenly upon the amount of people working.


You can contact me on Discord or here on the DevForum.
Discord: Boogle#4509


I’m interested, Discord is Bry#2663


I can build terrain and your game looks promising so what do you say we make a triad? Talk to you on discord

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hello I sent you a friend request on discord I can create weapons your game looks very promising

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