[CLOSED - Thanks for showing interest!]

[Closed - Got someone!]

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Did you forget to put how the morph system will work?

No… click the arrow next to “How the Morph System would work:”

I’m interested sent friend request on discord

Sorry apparently i have tunnel vision

Hello. Is this job still open? I have sent you a friend request.


Hi I think I am interested
sent you a friend request My Discord: Comfself#6794

When do you need this done by? Also are the morphs full morphs or just clothing?

Would the morph be through GUI or touch based?

Hey! Im intersted, I sent you a friend request on discord.

My disc is: Gostrondude#5409

I might be late, but in case you didn’t get to check my friend request are you still hiring?
If you want to contact me DM: 7472#7472
Guaranteed to be done in less than a week after being hired.

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