[CLOSED] The Day the Noobs Took Over Roblox 3 - Character Contest ๐Ÿ†


I am proud to announce the first-ever TDTNTOR 3 Character Contest!

:clipboard: HOW TO ENTER

:camera: Full-Size Character Form

:1st_place_medal: RESULTS


Q: What if I donโ€™t have a Twitter account?

A: Sorry, at this time the contest is only open to users who have Twitter accounts. There will likely be a contest on YouTube and Roblox itself in the future, so donโ€™t worry!

Q: Can I use a nickname instead of my Roblox username?

A: Yes, just make sure you include your Roblox username somewhere (whether on the form or in the tweet) so I can contact you if you win.

Q: Can I use hats/items/etc on my character that I donโ€™t own on Roblox?

A: Of course. Use as many as you want!

Q: Are we allowed to submit more than one character?

A: Only one entry/character per person. Ideally the character is some form of your Roblox character.

Q: How many winners will there be?

A: There isnโ€™t currently a set amount, but at the very least there will be about ten winners.

The Day the Noobs Took Over Roblox 3 - Character Contest Results ๐Ÿฅ‡

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