[Closed] The Tower of Defense is hiring an Animator and UI designer!


Hello over there!
I am David and I want to make a Tower Defense game.
We are looking only for one or two animators and one UI Designer, This is made for fun, If you are looking for robux this is not the place.


We want to make a game based on protect the towers, There are going to be a LOT of enemies, A lot of maps, the troops are going to be ROBOTS!



I want the animatord to animate the troops, to make a very cool animation and funny animations in the troops and enemies.

UI Designers=

The UI Designers will make the UI, if you can script it too it will be okay,but we have 3 scripters already.


@Arziio = Owner.
@oliverSK3 = Main Developer/Co-Owner.
@FriendlyBuilder24 = Scripter.
@The_Trypha = Scripter.
@OhhPatty = Builder.


AS I said,This is made for fun, we are going to pay if we get funds!
But if you want robux when you finish your work,this is not the right place, soon it will be.


I am trying to save to Sponsor the game, to make it more famous and get funds from it.


You can contact me here or even better,Via discord as Arziio#4953


We will respond IMMEDIATLY!
BUT if it is night time we won’t.

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Hey there, I must have sent you a request
The Ancient One#2631

I feel like a certain contract or supervised agreement would need to take place due to the possiblity of no payment. You could release ads later on, and the ‘‘fun’’ could turn to revenue and there isn’t a set reward for those who helped you.
Of course Im just being a bit harsh but its a possibility, so Id recommend clearing this up, since you COULD go onto make revenue, and youll be making all of it if it isn’t written down somewhere fully. But if this is for full fun, I wouldn’t monetise this as If I was a developer, Im not ( take my opinion with a pinch of salt) I wouldn’t put in all that work for you to go monetise it. Your either making it for fun, or monetisation. There shouldn’t be a maybe as it could mean possible greed/scam* for the developers in future.

  • Scam is probably the wrong word but it would be heavily unjust to plan a project for fun, and monetise it where the developers aren’t paid.

Once again, my point here is, I think its better to set a example of what your going to do; monetise or fun.


Hello I am interested for animator. Please dm me @Trimety#8551strong text

Something went wrong, could you add me so I could accept you?

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