[CLOSED] This is now closed the job is now filled Rank Management Developer


Hello, I am the owner of the Magic Studio and as my group is getting larger we would like to increase our Robux sum. I have seen meny groups have something called a Rank Mangement centre and I am looking to buy one and get someone who can Host the centre and keep it up and running.

Payment: Can be discussed over 1k is avaible.

Contact: actuallymagicly1#9127


He/She Is not asking he is recruiting someone to make him/she one!

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Then what is this? He is breaking rule 17.1

he means pay someone, he is just using another term. investments are not allowed, however given the context this is allowed.

the word itself is not banned.

I am interested. I’ve added you. modern#9000

There changed my Terminology. I didn’t not use it in that context anyway.

Closed at the request of the original poster.