Closed topic, please delete

Closed topic. Please delete.


Hey man, just as some feedback, when I tried to offer my services(even for free) people wanted evidence that I had made good ones before. Just a tip.

Honestly why don’t you make some random UI and just upload it for your portfolio…

Is there an issue making people UIs for free? It can earn him a free tip, the community interaction, a vouch, a basis of whether he wants to continue or not, a basis of if he can interact and comprehend what others want.


How is that feedback? Just ignore all the people who ask for examples.

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No one is being “hired.” If someone is offering work for free, and clearly states that they do not have a portfolio to show, it is completely inappropriate to ask them to show previous work. If someone doesn’t want to waste their time because they’re not sure that the freelancer (haha) does good work, they shouldn’t even reply or enter a conversation with them.

this is getting a bit off topic guys.
But if someone wanted “past experience” they wouldn’t have read the post, not would they be looking for someone for free.

No totally not I was just giving him a suggestion. I don’t mind this at all :wink:

Can you help me out on my game? I sent a friend request on discord.

can u add me on discord my name is Gledi-kun(アエネアス)#8007