[CLOSED] Tower Robots is looking for Game Testers!

Hello there!


We are a team making a very cool game!
Based on:
You will have ROBOTS as troops, You will need to KILL the enemies, Play with friends to defeat the bosses!


Well, We are looking for 6 professional [not the best ones] game testers, where they will have to test the game, 3 people will test 30% of the map, The main area and the UI and everything.
Other 3 people will have to go elevator by elevator, Map by map and testing and looking for lag.


Well,We are not looking for anyone or anything but the more Modelers, The better!


@ProGamerResul5566 = Game tester.
@Mystic1007 = Game tester.
@Voltage_Trades = Game tester.
@The_NobleKnight = Game tester.
@herozeroristas = Game tester.
@Tup_Lad = Game Tester!
@you = Modeler.

This is it!
If you want to be up there you will need to apply to be a game tester.


You need to be connected 24 hours a week.
Test the game, when it is out, test it 1 and a half hour per day, Then you can play.
Be pacient, since we are still making the game, soon it will be out!


We will accept some Builds if you want to help with maps or robots!


Contact me on via discord, But you must be in DevForums, If you are not, you can still get in, But is better to be in DevForums, it is your decision.

This was everything!
I will be listening to your replies and the best ones will get accepted!

Is there any form of payment for the testers?

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Why shall there be a payment?
We make this for fun, if there was needed a payment, The developers and the Owner by his own will test it, But we want to make it more fun adding game testers!

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So you want a tester to play an hour and a half per day. for free? Good luck finding people who want to do that.


You also say

professional game testers

No professional tester will do a job for free, why would they?

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I said professionals to say that you are all good at testing -_-.

I personally think that testers should be given some form of reward for testing, even if it is something small. It will be hard to find a large amount of people who will test for free. Maybe give them an in-game perk of some sort for when the game releases or a title which says ‘Tester’ as such?

I already have them.
Thanks anyways.

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Hello I am interested on being Game Tester. I’ve been Game Tester and Beta Tester at BloxTech and Roblox Got talent which I worked as a translator there too. DM me at discord, herozeroristas#5036.

I’m guessing you never heard of QA testers have you

I’m interested! Please friend my on my discord.

If you didn’t knew, game testers don’t usually get payed, most people do that kind of work for free.

What is your discord username and tag?

Can you send me the discord invite again?

my user for discord is pxlpn#5862

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