[CLOSED] TP - Tristan Productions are hiring!

About Us

Hi there! We are Tristan Productions. We are a small and upcoming roblox development group and a discord community!
The Development Team
@iiLittleDuckyxx/silverascal - Owner, UI Design.
@thiscouldbeyou! - Scripter
@thiscouldbeyou! - Builder
@thiscouldbeyou! - GFX Artist
@thiscouldbeyou! - Project Manager.

The Moderation and Administration Team
@timleelolyay / emo#1071 (not on the forum) - Co-Owner, Head of Server, Server Design.
@thiscouldbeyou! - Game Moderator (4x)
@thiscouldbeyou! - Discord Moderator
@thiscouldbeyou! - Game and Discord Moderator.

We currently have no game, so the project manager can help brainstorm!

About The Job

We are hiring a lead scripter, lead builder, GFX artist to make thumbnails, icons and discord logo and game mods. The developer’s pay will be based on how good they do. If you don’t do anything in 1 week without asking for permission, you will be fired. And if you only contributed very little to the game, you will either get 10 or 20%, while those who contributed a lot will get 30-50%. If the game gets popular, revenue will go to game developers. Mod’s will only get paid if they contribute, which means keeping the server active, moderating the game everyday, etc. Not all mods can be paid, but if you want to be active!


Payment is said in the job tab. You can read the payment through there.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via discord at tristann#1082.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! We will get to you very soon! :slight_smile:


You are hiring multiple people, yet you give numbers like 90% which is impossible. The math just doesn’t add up, same thing for 50%. You have to have it split between 100%.

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Oh alright. I’ll make an edit. What percentage do you suggest?

The Scripter/Builder should get around 20-30% each, GFX artists would be better off with direct pay but I’d say around 5-10%, and I’m not sure about mods.

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