[Closed] Triunity Studios is in need of Developers!

Triunity Studios

We are a new studio ready to provide Robloxians with new games! We decided to launch the studio after preparing our new game idea to near perfection.

The Owners
@Masonification - Owner {Builder}
@FallenValiant - Part-Owner, Community Manager
@Stefan_Dobrev - Part-Owner, Project Lead {Scripter}

About The Job

We are looking for professional scripters.

We expect high quality work that adheres to our game’s style and our guidelines. Good communication skills are necessary as we will periodically check on the status of your work.

You must fill out a Google Form found within our discord to formally apply.

Upon joining you will be presented with a document of which lists the guidelines and compensation method for developers.

We especially need someone skilled with DataStore.


Our payment will be strictly in R$ through group funds. The payment amount depends on that task you claim to work on. We aren’t going to be able to provide upfront payment due to our current financial standing as a newly created group. What funds we are giving out are coming from our personal funding, so we hope you can understand this.

Contact Us

You can contact us directly through Discord if interested or need more information.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Stefan_Dobrev #5888
Mason #6312
VaI #3428


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