[CLOSED] Twisted Development Studios is hiring a scripter!

About Us

Hello! My name is aesturr! I am the owner of Twisted Development Studios! We are currently making a prison style game called Twisted Island! We need a secondary scripter!

The Team
@aesturr- Founder, main builder
@Tuguicraft- Co-founder, main scripter
@mgtl09 - Builder
@you - Scripter

About The Job

You will be a secondary scripter in our team!! The things you will deal with are:

  • Small fortnightly updates (car skins, car accessories, etc)

  • UI Effects

  • Supporting the main development team with big monthly updates (@aesturr and @Tuguicraft )

  • Bug fixing

  • Minor game play things

  • Plus more!

We expect you to work on the game as much as possible and a minimum of 6 hours a week!


We will be paying you 20% of the game revenue!


Please not the game does develop quite fast so these pictures are old! Also our secondary builder recently joined the team so build progress will be faster!

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord @aestur#3817!
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Are you guys hiring a builder, UI designer?
I’d really love this opportunity!

hello! sorry no only a scripter! :((

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aw mannn
Well, have a blessed day!

Why did you want me to read that, You literally made my computer give me a desktop notif

Woah whats that! It’s a portfolio! You should check it out :open_mouth: portfolio

are you saying you would like to apply?