[CLOSED] UI Designer and Scripting - Radio System

Police Radio System

About Us

Howdy! My name is wattleman, and my partner, @blubberpug, and I run a modern United States Navy group. We have recently opened in July and have grown at a faster rate than expected, and therefore, we are not able to keep up with development by ourselves - we are seeking contract-workers (per asset.)

You can see our group here: Unіted Statеs Navy - Roblox

Job Description

The job consists of designing and scripting a communications radio. This radio will be whitelisted by group - which I already have the foundation work done and can provide - only people with groups MA and NSWC will be allowed to see/utilize the radio.

Please note, the following screenshots have come from Emergency Response: Liberty County and are only to be used as a guide/reference.

Radio Display (Top-Left corner of screen) (needs done)

  • “MA” should be in place of “FIRE”
  • “NSWC” should be in place of “POLICE”
  • “GLOBAL” should remain the same.
  • “(Y) QUICK RADIO” is not required as we do not plan on having the quick-responses.
  • “TRANSMIT (T)” should remain the same, maybe with a handheld radio as an icon.
  • There will not be a callsign, so each line should just be username:
  • The scroll feature should also be accessible.
  • The "TRANSMITTING (T)* with the red icon (same as stated above) should turn red when activated.
  • Text needs to be filtered before being displayed on the radio.
Example of whitelisting (needs done)
return {
    ["NSWC"]   = {"Administration","Headquarters","ST3","ST7"},
    ["MA"] 	   = {"Administration","Headquarters","MA"},
    ["GLOBAL"] = {"Administration","Headquarters","ST3","ST7","MA"},
Example of group configuration (already done)
    return {
        ["Administration"] = {
            ["GroupId"]  = 5000347,
            ["MinRank"]  = 254, --Administration
            ["Team"]	 = "Department of Defense",
            ["Priority"] = 3,
            ["Override"] = {""},
        ["Headquarters"] = {
            ["GroupId"]  = 5000347,
            ["MinRank"]  = 245, -- MCPoN,VCNO, CNO,
            ["Team"]	 = "Headquarters",
            ["Priority"] = 5,
            ["Override"] = {"PlayerName"},
        ["ST7"] = {
            ["GroupId"]  = 5031463,
            ["MinRank"]  = 2,
            ["Team"]	 = "SEALs",
            ["Priority"] = 20,
            ["Override"] = {"PlayerName"},

Note: There is a module script that contains all of they player’s data. Within it, groups is stored and will return the names of all of the groups the player is in: {“Administration”,“ST7”,“MA”} - so no GetRankInGroup() is needed as that has already been processed when the player joined the game. This player module can be provided to making linking the two systems together easier.


We are not certain on the market for this sort of work; however, we are open to payment via Robux or USD - no percentages, just a one-time payment for the work. If you are interested, you may give us a quote (price you would expect for the work) and we can go from there.

Contact Us

Private message me, @wattleman, on the Forums here with screenshots of previous work, any questions you might have, and a price you would require for such project. If we decide to move forward, discord will be the primary contact method.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask! :smiley:

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I won’t be able to script anything but I can change the UI TextLabels for you. Contact me on Discord: genious²#3485

Hello there, I am a scripter, I can use remotes, datastores(including datastore2) and can also work with metatables, procedural generation(i.e. infinite terrain or random dungeon levels). I can design minimalist UI or skeuomorphic UI with 9 slicing capabilities. my discord tag is: lodok3#0638

Project has been completed.
Thank you to those who expressed interest.

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