[CLOSED] Ui designer for hire

Thanks :heart:

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Can you provide some images of your work and list some of your qualifications (ex: games you’ve worked on, what you specialize in, etc.)

It’s typically easier and quicker as someone whose looking for staff to see what they can do on the devforum instead of having to go through the process of messaging on Discord.

Would not recommend hiring Clxzed.

I hired this user to build a game, turns out he decides to admin abuse my training center and cause a whole bunch of chaos to the other staff.

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That’s interesting, he wanted to be my UI designer for my game. Turns out I’ll deny the offer.

Build…A game? Hes a UI designer tho, he admin abused so…


XD. tho. the UIs are not that complex and are relativley simple though there is potential.

Considering the message from your past client, flvurry, I wouldn’t hire you. But I will give you some critiques to help you improve. For starters, in the first picture, I would work on making the darker green frame more equal. What I mean is, on one side it’s a bit larger than the other. I would also work on centering, in the first picture your middle circles should be more towards the middle. The left side’s circles are farther from the end than the right side’s. You can add a frame to kind of measure it, which is something I do to make things equal. I’d also tell you to double check spelling, in the third picture you spelled Intermission wrong. If you’re from another country, you can just search the word up and find how to spell it correctly. Just some critiques, I see potential in you, just don’t admin abuse at all, please. Continue to practice, and you’ll be golden.

Also, none of that work is worth 1k, I’m not being rude but it’s the truth. I’d suggest improving your pricing.

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Yeah I wouldn’t hire him. I was on a development team with him and he was extremely toxic and tried to take control as leading the development team.