[Closed] Ui designer needed! ASAP (STORY TIME GAME)

##About our Team

Scripter - @coolboi807r
Animator - @hellowell
Modeler - @Ladyfinger66
Map builder - @MrSpy_IA
Ui designer - Someone lol
GFX - @Zvyxlde
Logo/Thumbnail - @justtesraa
Founder - @edroi123

After you have taken the role, you’r name will be added there!

##What You Need

  • Your examples/Portfulio…
  • Kindness
  • Laptop/Pc/phone
  • Fastness & High Quality
  • Age must be 13+

When you dm me, Copy this so I know your looking for it…

Hello, Im a (your job) Im (your age) and I would Like to apply, for the job role (What job you want) My username is (Your User) here is my examples! (Examples)

Thats all you need!


You will be payed good, Also! We have an Investor So dont expect
100K R$, I will just chat you’r payments in dms, Good luck!

##Contact Me

You Can Contact me here on DevForum or In discord! Mostly on discord…

Contact info:

Discord: EDRBLX#7463
DevForum: @edroi123

Make sure you are 13+ to apply this job!

Thank you have a great day!

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