(CLOSED) UNexus Studios is hiring!

About UNexus Studios

UNexus Studios is a previously failed development team that I am opening back up for recruitment, as the old people working for me (if you guys see this, I’m sorry, but it’s very true) became very inactive, very demotivated, and not very open to new ideas (them and I couldn’t see eye-to-eye what we wanted to do). I have officially announced that I am putting the group up for newer, more active and motivated recruitment.

Who we want

UNexus Studios is looking for active people (around 4 hours a day, we will make a shift schedule) who have good communication skills, work well with a group, and are open to new ideas and possible sudden changes. I would prefer you live in the United States (simply to make scheduling shifts easier), but can work out times for people of other nationalities. When it comes to skill level, we are looking for builders who can make cartoony environments, experienced scripters, experienced GFX designers, and UI Designers. Once the team is formed, we won’t start work until we get shifts figured out.

Roles Needed

1/1 experienced scripters

2/2 cartoony builders

1/1 experienced GFX designer

1/1 UI designer (could possibly be same person as GFX Designer


Payment will be from group funds, and started as SOON AS THE GAME STARTS EARNING A PROFIT.

Scripters - 45%

Builders - 30%

GFX/UI Designers - 15%

Advertisement - 10%

Our First Project Idea

To avoid spoilers, you will be given a complimentary copy of our game idea and development procedure upon contact and request.

Contact Me

Please friend and DM me on discord - ** sepro1144#6964**



I really wish people would start reviewing payment issues with other projects before posting, but here it goes again.

Firstly: who is a shift manager? sounds like somebody useless, as project manager you should cover that,

Secondly if you are going to pay ui designers a percent (which i would not recommend) half it. max you should pay a Ui designer in terms of percent is 5%,

Advertisement, as project director is is namely your or an investors responsibility to handle advertisements, you should not expect a share out the group to cover this, unless of course it is an investor.

The amounts you are hiring is stupid as well, i mean the MAX you should really have of each team member is 2, excluding large scale games. Hiring up to 13 team members in an unprofessional contract will 100% lead to conflicted viewports, people getting away with doing no work and disputes.

Finally you are only offering percentages, which if you are skint i can understand however this will put a lot of people off since if the game flops outside their control they are facing huge losses, also they may be less motivated (which was an issue for you before) if they do not have any reliable payment at the finish line.

How i recommend you rectify this?

60 - 70% scripters - max 2
30 - 40% builders - max 2 (possibly 3)

Everything else find the funds to commission.

Hope this helped.


Your discord dosent work, could you add me? Scythe Slaying#5934

Hey I can’t seem to send you a friend request. My discord is AquaDev#1501. Send me a request.

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Your discord isn’t working??? If you could add me cadjonathan#6146

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Do you have backup payment if the game fails?

Yes, I will have pay for if it fails, but we are anticipating it is a good enough idea to succeed. It is a new, unique idea that we are anticipating people will enjoy the challenge of


Can you add me becouse your tag ant working

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