[CLOSED] Untamed Planet is hiring Animators! (for animals)

Paw_small_28x32 About

Untamed Planet is an educational and social animal role playing game for kids and teens 7-18 years old. Our vision is to provide a fun online experience while educating on real life animal conservation and impact on the world.

A percentage of all our earnings go back to animal conservation and biodiversity work in the real world, lead by the non-profit WildArk.org.

We are currently expanding our team and we are looking for some more talent to join this exciting journey. Help us make a great experience online, and we help make a change for the animals of the world. Join our mission to usher the next generation of wildlife champions today!

You can engage with the game at:

Paw_small_28x32 The Team

The current team is a solid mix of some long-standing members of the Roblox community.

  • Ravenshield - Producer, Programmer
  • [redacted] - Advisor
  • Spathi - Programmer and Modeler
  • MrSprinkleToes - Frontend
  • younite - UI, Logo
  • caromuns - Music and sounds
  • VintageWarm - Animals, Items
  • Deerdharok - Animals, Animations

Note: Some of the team members above are with us on a short-term commitment.

Paw_small_28x32 The Job


You are:

  • Experienced with animating multi-legged rigs. Plus if you have experience with animal rigs.
  • Able to produce quality animations with various characteristics.
  • Able to make adjustments to rig or re-rig characters.
  • Self-driven and with good time management skills.
  • Have good written and verbal English skills.

Good communication skills and being able to transform feedback into action are appreciated. You will get the opportunity to receive feedback on a frequent (daily/bidaily) basis. There will be deadlines for the assignments, but we will do our best to accommodate what works for you.

We seek to rapidly produce animations for our animals. You will be provided a list of must-do animations, but there is also room for experimentation. Reference art or videos can be supplied. See below for examples of animations we need in this game. Make sure to visit the game if you want to see the models in action.

Example animations:
Animation - Eagle Fly Animation - Eagle Glide Animation - Moose Run Animation - Moose Walk

Paw_small_28x32 Compensation

Compensation is negotiable, starting at $15 USD per hour. Compensation is based on your experience, speed and quality of the delivery. Contractors send invoice for finished work to get compensated.

We offer payment through wire transfer, PayPal and TransferWise. We do not offer Robux payments.

Paw_small_28x32 How To Apply

You must be 14 years or older to apply. A consultancy agreement and a non-disclosure agreement will have to be signed with us, so if you’re under 18 you need to be co-signed by a parent or guardian.

Send your application and portfolio to:

You should show some relevant work with animated animals when applying!


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