[CLOSED] Up to 1k | Hiring a 2D Artist for a Quick Icon

We have found our artist, so this topic is closed.

Hello there! I am EpicCheatCodes, President and Co-Founder of Sucré Cafe. Our group was founded a little over a week ago by a team of four, including me. We are currently seeking a 2D artist to create our official group logo.

You can check out our group here.

I am aware that I am not the owner. That account is used purely for holding the group.

Sucré Cafe is seeking a 2D artist to draw a cartoony coffee cup for our group logo. It would be ideal for said artist to also add text (and don’t worry, we’ll pay extra for that). Since this is a small job, we expect it to be done within 4 days of being hired.

Example of the Icon

Without Text (clipart and emoji I found online):


With text (using said images):

The icon needs to have a transparent background.

If you add text, the pay will be higher.

Without text:
:robux: 800
With text:
:robux: 1,000

Unfortunately, we are not able to pay with group funds at the moment, so we can only pay via T-Shirt. We will cover the 30% tax.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum with a portfolio or work examples.

Thanks for reading, and happy New Year! :smiley:

Contact @KawaiiX_Jimin

He does high quality icons.

We have found someone to fill this position, so this opportunity is closed.

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