[CLOSED + UPDATED] Cafran | Builder | Logo Creator

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a builder. I specialize in modern city buildings and general medium-poly map design. I have been building for 2 years on roblox.


Sovereign Sword Shop

Sovereign Spawning Area

Scarlet's Hotel

Miscellaneous Models

Bench V1.PNG Bench V1_2.PNG Bench V2.PNG Bench V2_2.PNG

FlyHigh Trampoline Park (Abandoned)

Miscellaneous Builds

houseext.PNG nwtwall2.PNG

Low Poly Garden (Nature Assets are not mine)



I am available around 2 hours a day on the weekdays and 7 hours a day on the weekends.


I prefer payment by group funds. However, if this is not possible then I will accept payment through gamepasses. If you are paying via gamepasses, you will need to pay the 30% tax.


I will not be your permanent builder. Do not rush me. By accepting me as your builder, you also accept the rule that I have the option to stop building for you at any time. This could be due to you being very impatient, or very rude, or there is an emergency. Prices are negotiable.


If at any point you I am in a commission and you cancel it before it is finished, 30% of the payment MUST be payed, regardless of the amount of progress made.

Low Poly Maps

Small Maps - :robux_light: 2k - :robux_light: 10k
Medium Maps - :robux_light: 11k - :robux_light: 20k
Large Maps - :robux_light: 21k - :robux_light: 29k

High Poly Maps

Small Maps - :robux_light: 20k - :robux_light: 40k
Medium Maps - :robux_light: 41k - :robux_light: 60k
Large Maps - :robux_light: 61k - :robux_light: 80k


I am semi-experienced with blender. I will not accept jobs that are too challenging for me. This applies to all of my works. Same rules as before. I will be payed per asset.

  • Low Poly Models - :robux_light:1k - :robux_light: 4k
  • High Poly Models - :robux_light: 5k - :robux_light: 8k


  • I am a graphic designer and logo creator, I do not do blender GFX.

Profile Pictures - :robux_light: 100 - :robux_light: 500
Game Icons - :robux_light: 501 - :robux_light: 1k
Group Logos - :robux_light: 2k - :robux_light: 4k


I am most active on discord! We can discuss details there. Caf#3510

I am only accepting one commission at a time. Once I take one in, I will close the portolio, then once I am done, I will open it, and I will repeat the process.

Thanks for reading! :sunglasses:

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