[CLOSED | USD] Hiring Scripter for In-Game Loadout Menu

Hiring Scripter for In-Game Loadout Menu

Asset Requested

I am looking to purchase a script and menu that allows for persistent loadouts and the ability to change them as needed. The script’s menu would be brought up by pressing a key on one’s keyboard which the user can then point at and click another user or oneself in game (or instead of that, a selection based from users currently in-game in a list), opening a drop-down selection screen with different loadouts that can be added into the script. These loadouts will cover clothing (shirt/pants), hat, webbing, and weapon(s) and the menu can only be accessed by members of a group holding a certain rank or above. It is important that this loadout be persistent to the game, meaning loadouts saved after equipping and are automatically applied when rejoining.

Clothing, weapons, accessories, etc. will be totally supplied by myself, I just need to be directed where to place them both in-game and in the script.

It is necessary that I be given some form of instruction on how to add to the list of loadouts as we grow.

Price will be negotiated before beginning the project and payment shall be done through either paypal or cashapp through 50% up front, and 50% upon completion.

Thank you for your time.

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