(Closed) VanillaBoy18's Clothing Designs Portfolio

About me:

Hi I am VanillaBoy18, I specialize in clothing design. I have been playing Roblox for 5 years and making clothes for a year. I am offering my services as a clothing designer. I mostly make clothes for my clothing group A.C. Designs. I eventually want to make clothes for people short term, I don’t want to join a long term project. I am most comfortable in making Casual clothing. I am striding for popularity and I want to be well known within the community.


  1. Don’t be rude and a horrible client or I will not make clothes for you.
  2. Most of the time I want reference pictures to be able to create and get the product back to the customer fast.
  3. Be straight forward and detailed on what you want me to make.

Note- I can decline any offer I want, specially if I am overworked.


You can view some of my designs here:

Clothing Designs

2020-11-17 (15)
2020-11-17 (16)
2020-11-17 (18)
2020-11-17 (17)
2020-11-17 (19)
2020-09-01 (5)!
2020-09-01 (12) 2020-09-01 (7) 2020-09-01 (6) 2020-09-01 (3) 2020-09-01 (4) 2020-09-01 (14) 2020-09-01 (10) 2020-09-01 (11) 2020-09-01 (9) 2020-09-01 (8) 2020-09-01 (15) 2020-09-01 (16)

Some of my other designs are here, however some of them are not mine due to being a co-owner in this group. A.C. Designs - Roblox


I am available every other week due to divorced parents. However I will try to get the work done as soon as possible for my clients. We will go into more detail in dms for each client.


Prices are negotiable!!!
I would like for each client to pay 50% of the payment upfront before I give the final product.
Shirts: 350 :robux:
Pants: 450 :robux:
One combined outfit: 900 :robux:
I would like to get payed through group funds or roblox gift cards.

Contact Info:

You can contact me on Discord: VanillaBoy18#4470

Thanks for reading!


Vanillaboy18 is an awesome guy. His clothes are quality and he is an amazing partner. I am super happy that he decided to work alongside me as co-owner for our clothing group, A.C. Designs. Vanillaboy18 is very dedicated to his work and he designs pretty damn fast. 100% recommend hiring him.


Just a reminder that my commissions are still open, and that I’m still for hire.

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Hey could I order a shirt? I’d pay 280 robux and I’d need you to upload it for me to my group you all good with that? DM me on dev forum if you would make a shirt for me, thanks

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I would highly recommend this guy because of how well he made what I wanted and didn’t scam even tho I payed all the robux first without looking at the shirt.


Hey just wanted to say this:

I think your stuff is good and you seem like a nice designer. I just wanted to tell you that I think you should make some more clothes with shading and show it off and push your boundaries as most of the stuff you currently have up is pretty basic. All the best I hope to see you making more clothing.


I think this guy is so good that I’m buying more clothes off him coz I really like this designer

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This guy has made clothes way better then what’s on his show case rn here are some pictures of what he did for me
Front view:

Back view:

Side view:
These clothes were amazing I was not expecting such high quality!
I really think you should buy from this guy.

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Do you by chance know how to shade? It would really ‘up’ your clothing game. I may consider buying from you but the lack of shading kind of pulls me back.

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Yes I do know how to shade. The suits that I have as my examples don’t show the shading that they have. I also have other clothes that have shading that just isn’t on my portfolio.

Are you able to show me those shaded examples through PMs?

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I have added more examples for anyone who wants to look at them. More examples coming soon.