[CLOSED] Vardos Border Map

About Us

Hello there! My group recently achieved over 500 members and my members are getting kinda bored of the current map. So, to reward my group of achieving this milestone, I am getting a new map.


Currently, I am looking for about 1-2 builders. If there are 2, the commission will be split between them. If there is one, they get the full commission.

The Job

I am looking for a border map of the city Kestro located on the planet Vardos. This is a Star Wars map. The map requires:

  • 1 bank
  • A few appartement complexes
  • Imperial base
  • Main tower which will serve as a capture point/throne room.
  • Cantina
  • Some sort of Sci-Fi Train Station
  • Border
  • Some ways on sneaking into the city and into the Imperial Base

The style doesn’t require to be super detailed, more of a low-mid poly build.

Reference Images

Due Date

The map must be complete within 3-4 weeks from commission.


The pay will be $60 USD. No robux.

Contact Us

If you are interested, you can DM me on discord @ BaconPoutine#0001 with your portfolio.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

This is weird,I think it’s quite a LOT for 60 dollars


You should really consider upping your price, for what you’re asking for that is pretty low.

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Okay, okay, okay.

A giant build in 3-4 weeks for $60 USD?

For prices to buy robux, that’s around 6,000 robux.

Maybe increase your price to at least $120 USD, but I think for all that it should be wayyyyyyyyyyy higher.

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That level of detail for 60 DOLLARS!?!?! I suggest rethinking your prices.

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Yikes, I don’t think you’re going to find a developer at your price point and due date. Consider increasing it and extending the due date as that is a very short date for what you require.

A. It’s not a giant build, the reference pics are exactly that reference pics. B. $60 USD is 17.1k robux in devex prices. No developer uses robux buying price.

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I think it’s a good price. At the US minimum wage, there’s a nice 8.2 hours of work.

It’s low-mid poly. Not sure where you got “a lot of detail” from.

I believe the due date is possible because of the style. A low-mid poly style build can easily be achieved within 3-4 weeks. And I’ve seen a lot of developer prices at around my price point.

On paper it may seem like a lot. I just went into detail of what I want. In reality, no it’s not.

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