[CLOSED] Video/Cutscene Trailer Editor [4+ Years of Experience] [50K+ Views]

About Me

Greetings! My name is axiliquint, and I am a Cutscene Trailer Editor on the ROBLOX platform. I have been on ROBLOX for about 4 years now, and have been enjoying every second of it.

Being a Cutscene Trailer Editor means that I do not animate, I only take a video of a ROBLOX game, compile footage, and edit it in the way specified by the client. I have been video editing with Final Cut Pro X for 4+ years now, and I want to put my work to use on ROBLOX! I have done a bit of trailer work already and my work has amassed over 50k views.


Here are some YouTube links of my work!

Car Dealership Tycoon:

KZ Industries:


I am available in small chunks of time, due to the presence of E-Learning. I ask that deadlines are at least 4+ days from the date you are coming to me with the offer, so that I may have time to work the video into my schedule.

My commissions are currently closed.


Prices are negotiable, base price starts at R$1.5k per trailer. My preferred payment method is group payouts, but TShirts will be accepted. (You will have to pay the 30% marketplace fee on top of the price)


You can contact me on Discord at and#1000, please do let me know that you are from the DevForum. Discord is my main method of communication, please only contact me through there.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


I still have many openings for customers! Please contact me on Discord at and#1000 if interested. Excited to be working with you soon!

Once again, I still have many openings for customers. Please let me know on Discord at and#1000, ecstatic to begin collaborating soon!

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If no one commissions you, you shouldn’t just try to get your portfolio far up again. One day someone will search for such an editor, and will perhaps commission you. Patience will definitely pay out.

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:broom: Housekeeping

  • Added a commission I did for “Car Dealership Simulator” (700k+ ROBLOX Members, 150m+ visits)
  • Fixed up some inaccurate/old information
  • Fixed a video link duplicate, and replaced it with the correct link
  • Adjusted Availability, due to me heading back to school
  • Increased Pricing by R$500