[CLOSED] VoidException - Programmer/UI Designer

About Me

Hello! I’m Void (Or Unseen). I’ve been on Roblox for about 5 years now (I played on an old account on XBOX). I’ve been developing on Roblox for about 3 years now. I mainly Script and create User Interfaces. I really enjoy what I do and I’m always looking for new ways to learn and become better at the stuff I do.


CCTV System


Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System - YouTube
Fire Alarm System

Anti Exploit (WIP)

Completely server sided, hooked to a discord webhook. Uses magnitude to detect the players walkspeed, then math to see if it is unusual, followed by kicking that user. If the users warnings is over 3, it bans them (mine is over 6 due to testing). I’m currently working on false positive detection.


Basic Health Bar


Admin system - Weather controls

Demo - Monkeo - YouTube

Admin System (WIP)

Demo 1, here I attempt to execute the command but it doesn’t have any parameters (so it’s a blank request), in the future I’ll set this up to display an error on the client, showing the correct way to use the command (Left of the screen is the server, on the right is the 2 clients (players))


Demo 2, kicking a user with a reason


Demi 3, kicking a user without a reason


Server Shutdown with reason:

I have plenty more to show upon request. I’ve worked on full Pet Systems, some weapon systems and much more :sunglasses:



I take one job at a time so I can maximize my attention to the one job only. Due to school and sport commitments, I can’t work as much on weekdays as I can on weekdays. I tend to get a bulk of the work done on weekends, and work on the smaller bits such as ensuring my code is optimized and written with the best methods.

Groups I have Worked with

Flying Gorilla - Roblox

Hxr's Clothing - Roblox

Space Sailors Community - Roblox

Squad V - Roblox

Phrygia - Roblox

UnᎥted States Marine Corps - Roblox

TheVanisse Gang - Roblox

7th Inner Vibe - Roblox

TrackX Engineering - Roblox

United Stαtes Marine Cοrpsᅠᅠ - Roblox

Including many others


(other users were not devforum members)


I accept Robux and Paypal but prefer PayPal to avoid developer exchange fees. Payment can be discussed through direct messages :slight_smile:


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum by sending me a message, on discord via the tag Unseen#7064 or on Twitter (@ExceptionVoid).

Additional Notes

  • I can livestream working on your commission if you request (times my differ, I will let you know when I am available).

  • A lot of the time I make a Trello board to keep myself organized on what I am doing in that commission. I find this very useful as it allows me to keep track of everything, while keeping you informed on the progress. This board can be shared with you if you like, just so you can get a first hand view.

Example of a trello board

  • Depending on the size of the payment, I may ask for downpayment. If I fail to complete the job to your standards, a full refund of this downpayment will be made immediately.

Code Structure - How I program and work best

My structure (the nerdy stuff)

I love to utilize module scripts in all of my code. I believe they are very important and when used correctly, they can be very powerful. All my code is kept neat and tidy in folders. For backend, I typically use lots of module scripts hooked up to one main script which controls a lot of the stuff.

In the image above, the script named “Main” is the main controller, and the modules (just one shown) has code to control a the “Standard” game mode (in a round system).

All of my events and other stuff are kept neat, no matter the location. In ReplicatedStorage, my modules that are shared between the Client and Server are kept in folders, with RemoteEvents and other stuff similar in a separate folder.


Code wise, I will always make comments in my code to help others understand what’s going on. I keep stuff structured and easy to understand. (If you see a variable called Encyclopedia, its a module loader I use to get modules easily.)


Please note I am not fully finished learning to program. I never will be. I can struggle with specific tasks such as physics and other systems. I will always try my best to complete the task to the best of my ability and seek help from others where needed.


The work displayed in this portfolio was last updated on the 26th Of October 2022. Please note that the work showcased here is not my most recent projects. More recent work will be posted as I complete each project.

[IMPORTANT] - Please tell me when you have sent me a discord friend request, I often get quite a few and it is hard to distinguish between jobs and other things.

Thanks for reading, have a good one! :slight_smile:


+rep Did great work with him yesterday and today.


Did a great UI for me, as well as scripting it.
I vouch him 10/10

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Hey all, currently open for some commissions. Dm me on discord or devforum please! Unseen#7064

Had fun interacting with him, very considerate and updates/responds regularly.
Definitely a good scripter for smaller tasks from what I have experienced!

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